Plan B ! – Lakshman Sagar – Rajasthan INDIA 2019.

The late monsoon season in 2019 throughout the Rajasthan region played havoc with one of the resorts we were due to stay at during our Destination Journey to India. During the lead up to our departure we were hopeful of still being able to stay with our original Itinerary.

Chhatra Saga resort was undergoing extensive renovations, however on our arrival to Delhi the team from Travelscope let us know that the late rains had won out, resulting in limited access to the region and the renovations to the resort had not been able to be completed.

While disappointed we were unable to stay with our original itinerary choice I was assured that Travelscope had over the past few weeks been hatching plan B…

Lakshman Sagar was our new resort – it too located on a dam wall… Having not seen Lakshman Sagar before I was apprehensive yet I had full trust in the team at Travelscope that they would have a suitable replacement… and they did !

We transferred from our mini coach to jeeps for a 15 minute ride beyond a small remote town to our reservoir location. Our resort had us all besotted.. From a small rise we overlooked a valley on one side and a damed body of water on the other.  We assembled in the 19th century hunting lodge for a delicious local lunch, as with all the meals in the remote places we stayed, the meals were from local recipes and produce and very tasty indeed.

We went through the traditional handing out of keys and were taken to our “rooms”.

Rooms ?!?!

Each couple had their own palatial waterside mud and stone cottage, all with fabulous views across the dam and even our own private plunge pools. At this moment I was thankful our journey was being looked after by the award winning tour operator Travelscope – An amazing plan B !

We had time to relax in our cottages, and we all took a late evening stroll around the perimeter of the resort to see the sunset over the surrounding rural lands. Our evening began with an outdoor cooking lesson with a myriad of stars above, then we dinned on a meal crafted from traditional local hunting recipes and were entertained by three musicians sitting on a rise located below the adjacent lookout pavilion.

Lakshman Sagar, originally not on our itinerary, became a favourite for many on our journey, totally different to all of our other accommodation experiences – Haveli and Palaces. An experience to be enjoyed again on future journeys to India.

Repeatedly as we were leaving our accommodation and moving onto our next Indian experience during our Destination Journey I kept hearing… “Glenn, do we have to leave…”

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