Why Destination Journeys at The Travellers Hut

Glenn Jarvis

Destination Journeys is the result of over 37 years in the travel industry, of which 28 have been owning and operating The Travellers Hut Kincumber.


During the course of 37 years working in the travel industry I  have travelled to the Asia region on over 60 occasions as either a guest of airlines, hotels, tour operators and tourist bureaus or on holiday. Educational and training experiences and escorting our Destination Journeys throughout the region.

Destination Journeys is the culmination of my experiences over the years . I’ve chosen destinations that are favourites of myself and my past clients combining experiences that allow you to fully immerse yourself into the sights, culture and cuisine. As your holiday is built from the ground up it allows your travel arrangements to be customised to suit your budget and requirements.


Featuring a personally selected range of hotels to complement and enhance your experiences. Catering for all budgets, so nobody misses out on a fabulous experience. There are usually too many choices when you start looking at accommodation to make your head spin, however I’ve chosen hotels for their standard and professionalism and not because they maybe perceived as being popular, as popularity is certainly no guarantee of quality.


Touring and experiences are vitally important to the success of your travel to any country. We rely heavily on our trusted tour operators and guides that we know offer you comprehensive touring and experiences. Again there is a lot of perceived touring choice available, however, not all are as they first seem… We ensure that the tours and inclusions we provide give you the experience you require to savour and enjoy each destination at it’s best.

Escorted Journeys

During each season I host a number of Escorted Destination Journeys. Each journey is a result of having had many amazing experiences and visiting places that the large tour company’s either can not travel to or have deemed to out of the ordinary for main stream tourist. Destination Journeys Escorted was created so you can be immersed and experience the local life in each country .

Capped at a maximum of 12 guests. Our smaller numbers allow us to be flexible, enjoy unique experiences and visit places large groups cannot travel to. Allowing a more fulfilling personal experience and importantly we don’t overwhelm the local people with mass tourism.

Hoang Nguyen from Hoi An Vietnam joins us on our escorted journeys through Vietnam and Cambodia giving a locals perspective on every day of our journey to enhance our experience.

Our Partners

Destination Journeys relies on our preferred operators such as Luxperia, Insider Journeys, Viva Holidays, Asia DMC, and Heritage Line. With Tikka Tours and Travelscope in India and JTB in Japan. All of whom allow me to tweak their normal product range to suit your requirements.

The Travellers Hut

Along with our Destination Journeys program we all also operate a full service travel agency, The Travellers Hut. With a full complement of flights, hotels, cruises, tours and other travel product all available for you. For full terms and conditions refer to your Travellers Hut booking confirmations.

I look forward in looking after your tailor-made independent travel arrangements or having you join one of the Escorted or carefully selected small group journeys. I will be personally assisting you to plan and book your holiday experience so you become fully immersed into your chosen destination.

Glenn Jarvis