DPD – Australia Digital Passenger Declaration

About the DPD

The Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) captures information from passengers seeking to enter or return to Australia. Information provided in a DPD assists the Australian Government to manage health and safety measures.

Learn more at the Home Affairs website.


Before travelling to Australia, all passengers arriving by air should submit a DPD, unless they are a flight crew member. Parents / guardians should complete a declaration for any child under 16 years of age. Anyone who is 16 years old or over should complete their own declaration.

Completing the DPD
Complete the DPD, using the QR codes below you can access the app for your phone or the website.

Or click on the links below...




To complete the DPD, passengers will need:
Flight number
A valid passport
COVID-19 vaccination travel record (or proof you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons)
A valid, negative COVID-19 test result
Destination and quarantine arrangements (if required)
Travel history for the 14 days prior to departure

(If you have multiple flights, you can list your first flight and the flight that lands in Australia on your

Passengers need to show their completed DPD summary screen to airline staff at check-in and on
arrival in Australia.

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