OUTBACK SPIRIT – Australia Adventures

Fully Inclusive Tours

Outback Spirit’s adventures are well known for their all-inclusive nature. All meals, attractions fees and activities are included in our tour fares, giving our guests peace of mind and an added level of convenience.

The only things you’ll need to reach into your pocket for on-tour are drinks at dinner, a few coins for the laundromat or the odd souvenir!

When you book your Outback Spirit Adventure with The Travellers Hut we offer you the ability to book with confidence, knowing everything is taken care of. We arrange all your travel needs including flights, tours, cruises, accommodation, rail, car hire and day tours. We offer comprehensive travel insurance ensuring your holiday is complete.

Small Groups. A Better Experience

From the very beginning, Outback Spirit has focused on offering a more personal, intimate and rewarding experience on its adventure tours. Of course, that can only be achieved by travelling in a small group of like-minded travellers. Across our entire range of adventures, you’ll travel in smaller groups of between 19 and 26 passengers, depending on the itinerary. Advantages of small group travel are many, and include:

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A more intimate experience compared to large group tours
Quicker and easier to get in and out of vehicles, boats etc.
Make long lasting new friendships and really get to know your fellow travellers
Access areas that are unavailable to larger groups
Stay in smaller, boutique hotels and lodges
Enjoy more time and space at local attractions

Passionate & Experienced guides

Outback Spirit has a reputation for the finest guides in the business. Highly professional, passionate and always willing to go the extra mile, our guides provide a seamless touring experience. With you throughout your adventure, they’ll attend to your needs and provide valuable insights into the culture, history and wildlife of the region you’re exploring.

‘10 Year Experience Guarantee’ for 4WD Coach Drivers

There’s an enormous responsibility that comes with driving public passenger vehicles, especially in the outback. In addition to having the right skills, you also need experience; and plenty of it. Outback Spirit drivers requires a minimum 10 years heavy vehicle driving experience before taking the wheel of one of large 4WD coaches, which is yet another example of our commitment to passenger safety.

Accommodation & Dining
Hotels, resorts, safari camps & lodges

Our adventures include a range of accommodation types that capture the essence of each location. From luxurious hotels and resorts to unique outback lodges, pubs and safari camps; each place has been hand-picked for its location, comfort, character and service. For more information, please refer to each itinerary where you can view a snapshot of the accommodation used for our adventures.

Fresh, quality cuisine

Fresh, quality and varied cuisine is an integral part of your outback experience. You’ll start most days with a hearty cooked breakfast, followed by a picnic lunch and if time permits, some afternoon (or morning) tea. In the evening, dinner may range from delicious a-la-carte menus to extensive buffets. Set menus may be in place at some remote lodges, with quality alternatives for specific dietary requirements.

Contact Glenn, Sonya or Lyn at The Travellers Hut for details on (02) 43 63 1699 or email travel@thetravellershut.com.au