INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: There are a number requirements you will need to undertake prior to your departure from and return to Australia.

Check that Australian citizens are allowed to enter the country you are planning to travel to and via. – Most countries require double vaccination, as do some airlines for International travel. Some countries are insisting that those that have had their second vaccination more than six months ago must now have their third dose.

Travel with the Australian covid-19 Vaccination Travel Certificate (See Below).

Make sure your Passport is valid (Most countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your return travel back to Australia. (See Below).

Ensure that you have a Visa for the countries you are visiting if required.

You may be required to take a Travel Covid-19 PCR test either 3 days, 72 hours 48 hours prior to your departure from Australia depending on the rules of the country you are travelling to. It must be a Travel Covid-19 test that gives you additional information and paperwork that you need to show to board the aircraft and enter the country you are visiting. (See below for details on the Australian Clinical Labs testing on the Central Coast (24 hour turnaround) or Histopath at Sydney International Airport (1to 2 hour turnaround). Some countries will not accept the “paperwork” on you phone and insist that the results are printed. (Note: Some countries require additional testing in addition to the PCR test.)

Some countries ask for additional forms to be completed prior to boarding the flight from Australia, include being your contact details in the country your are visiting and mabsigned declaration that your are double vaccinated and have had a negative covid-19 test result.

Some countries require you to take out travel insurance to cover you for covid medical coverage.

After entry to some countries you will be required to take a covid-19 test within a certain time frame of arrival, some countries insist that you make a booking for that test prior to your departure from Australia. Some countries ask for tests on multiple days after your arrival.

Check the Australian Government Smartraveller website that is updated regularly.

You are required to have either a Covid PCR test within 72 hours of your departure flight time back to Australia. or a medically supervised RAT within 24 hours of your departure flight time. It must be a travel covid-19 test that provides the necessary paperwork.

You are required to complete the Australian Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) on line between within 72 hours prior to the departure of your flight to Australia.


Use your AUSTRALIAN COVID-19 Vaccination Travel Certificate to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations when you want to travel overseas. At check-in for your flight, border control or various locations during your travel overseas.

The International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate provides a secure record of vaccinations for people travelling internationally. It’s been developed to meet agreed international travel standards.

You can get your international certificate online when you’re getting ready to travel if both of these apply: You have a current Australian Passport or foreign passport with an Australian visa and your had a least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. (Two doses usually required to travel overseas. some now require the third dose if your second dose was longer than 6 months ago).

Remember to check the entry requirements on the website of the country you’re visiting when you’re planning your trip.

You may need to be fully vaccinated to enter some countries of fly with some airlines.

Your vaccination provider needs to report your COVID-19 vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) before you can get your international certificate.

How to Get your AUSTRALIAN COVID-19 TRAVEL Certificate

If you are eligible for medicare and if you have a current Australian passport, or foreign passport with an Australian visa, you can get an international certificate using either of the options below:

A – Access your Medicare online account through myGov.

If you’re using your Medicare online account through myGov:

1- Sign in to your myGov account.

2 – Select Go to Medicare on the Proof of COVID-19 vaccination quick link.

3 – Select Request a certificate.

4 – Select your name and then Next.

5 – Follow the steps to verify your vaccinations and passport details. You may need to update your middle name in the passport details screen to match what is on your passport.

6 – Don’t forget to download or print a copy of your international certificate for your records.

B- Use the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

If you’re using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app:

1 – Select Proof of vaccinations from Services.

2 – Select Request a certificate.

3 – Select your name, and then Next.

4 – Follow the steps to verify your vaccinations and passport details. You may need to update your middle name in the passport details screen to match what is on your passport.

5 – Don’t forget to print and save a copy of your international certificate. You can save it to your off line files in the app so you can access the certificate even when your do not have wifi or access to a telephone network during your travels.

If you cannot access your International travel COVID Vaccination Certificate contact Service Australia.

(Not of the correct number but try 132 307)


The Australian Passport office have advised that since the covid border closure in March 2020 over 2 million passports have expired and have not yet been renewed. The Passport office have advised if your passport has expired or is about to expire it will be best to reply for your passport now to avoid any delay in receiving a new passport.

After submitting your passport application it usually takes around 3 weeks for the passport to be reissued and sent to you, however due to the expected volume of renewals this may take longer until the backlog is reduced.

To renew your passport click HERE for the link to the Australian Passport Office.


A travel covid test is required for travel overseas and for some domestic travel within Australia, usually within 72 to 48 hours prior to boarding your flight. (Times varies with each destination).

The Travel Covid-19 test will include additional information and paperwork required to travel overseas. You cannot travel with the results from the “normal” covid-19 test, as it is not sufficient for overseas travel.

For more information for one of the travel testing clinic companies on the Central Coast see the information below. (Note: International Travel testing must be paid for and is not covered by medicare.)

Please ensure you have your Covid test to match the requirements needed for your flight.

Find below your unique link to Australian Clinical Labs’ (ACL) COVID-19 Travel Testing Portal- NORMAL TURN AROUND 24 HOURS.

Add the HW10OFF discount code in the review order screen receive a $10 discount.

Click HERE to order your ACL Travel Covid-19 Test

Last minute testing is also possible at Sydney Airport.

Click HERE for the details of the Travel Covid-19 test at Sydney Airport.


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The Australian Government Smartraveller service maintains travel advisories for most countries around the world. Assigning an overall advice level to each, based on the level of risk Australians may face there.

Each travel advisory provides destination-specific information and advice about: safety issues, health care and health risks, local laws. entry requirements and local contacts

Smartraveller keeps all our travel advisories under close review. Updated as required. You can subscribe to get an email when there is update the advice for your destinations.

Before updating a travel advisory, Smartaveller consider information and advice from a variety of sources. This includes from our overseas network of embassies, high commissions and consulates.

We exchange information and assessments with our consular partners (Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA). We also receive information from the Australian intelligence community and assessments from the National Threat Assessment Centre in ASIO.

Click HERE for the link to SMARTRAVELLER for the last advice on the country you intend to visit


From 18 February the ATD will be replaced by the DPD Digital Passenger Declaration.

All passengers travelling to Australia should complete a Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) within 72 hours* of departure for their flight to Australia. Passengers who are 16 years old or over must complete their own declaration. Parents or guardians should complete a declaration of any child under 16 years of age. If an adult cannot complete their own DPD, another adult can assist them to do this.

If entering state and territory hotel quarantine on arrival in Australia, please complete the trip, identity and quarantine sections between 7 days and 72 hours of arrival in Australia. (Not required for entry to NSW.

Passengers should have the following information and physical documents available on hand to complete the declaration

Flight number and date

Travel history (14 days prior to your flight to Australia)

COVID-19 vaccination record or acceptable proof you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons

Valid passport

Destination & quarantine arrangements if required

Negative COVID-19 test result within required timeframes

Passengers can complete a DPD via the web form at

When travelling, the passenger should carry printed copy of their DPD Summary

You can also log in to the web form on a mobile device to edit or display their DPD record

Click HERE for the online Digital Passenger Declaration application.

Contact Glenn, Sonya or Lyn at The Travellers Hut for details on (02) 43 63 1699 or email

The information provided above should only be used as a guide for what you need to do to travel internationally and may change at anytime. You must check for yourself to ensure you meet the the requirements of the countries you wish to travel to and via as well as the requirements to return to Australia.