IATA Travel Pass – International

The IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app that provides an easy way to check COVID-19 requirements, store your test result and vaccination information, advise if you are travel ready and share your travel status with your airline. 

Check the travel requirements for your flights all in one place. This will help you prepare for your flight and reduce the confusion of COVID-19 travel requirements. 

Upload your digital COVID-19 test results and vaccine certificate in a secure manner, and automatically confirm that you meet the COVID-19 requirements for your flights. 

Share your ‘OK to Travel’ status with your airline (At the moment Qantas) prior to arriving at the airport, allowing you to check in online. You may still be required to show additional travel documents at the airport to receive your boarding pass, depending on your destination. 

Available for travel to the United Kingdom with Qantas with other airlines and destinations available soon.

Who can use IATA Travel Pass?

You are eligible to use the IATA Travel Pass if:

Your airline is using the IATA travel pass – You are at least 18 years old – Your device has a compatible NFC chip – You have an e-passport with a valid microchip – You have taken your COVID-19 test at an IATA participating lab – You have a compatible vaccination certificate

Please Note:  You can only have one profile per device.

Download the IATA Travel Pass

It’s free to download and use the IATA Travel Pass application and is available on compatible Andriod and iOS devices.

For the IATA travel pass Frequently Asked Questions click HERE

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