APT – Live the dream

Celebrating More Than 90 Years of Travel

Australia’s largest family-owned tour and cruise company, committed to delivering unforgettable travel experiences to their valued guests. What began as just a vision, over 90 years ago, has now grown into a proud global business, demonstrating the power of dreaming fully. There is a luxury holiday waiting of you.

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EUROPE River Ship Fun

How liberating it is to unpack once and focus on having fun. So you’re free to join in the cultural, culinary and historical moments designed just for you. Free to go ashore and explore on your own. Free to relax on board and admire the scenery.

Journeys of Discovery

Whether it’s an expedition or pure luxury, these are journeys of a lifetime. Venture where larger vessels cannot access, spend time in charming port towns minus the crowds and take to a Zodiac vessel to get up close to unique wildlife.

Adventures in Nature

Nothing compares to exploring the world’s most natural wonders. Whether it’s ancient landscapes of epic proportions or getting up close to unique wildlife, we’ll immerse you in Mother Nature’s finest work.

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