EXPLORE VIKING – River, Ocean, Exploration.

  This past year has felt like a long long Norwegian Winter
Over the decades there have been some stormy ones
But curiosity always got the better of us and we venture out anyway…

To help you enjoy the voyage of a lifetime in 2022, 2023 and 2024, we’re ready to welcome you back to the world, The Viking Way at The Travellers Hut.

With new itineraries, new ships, no kids, no casinos, the industry’s leading Health & Safety Program, and a collection of ocean, river and expedition cruise offers that can save you up to $8,000 per couple when you book between 1 October – 24 December 2021*. 

Welcome back to the world !

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After 24 years in the industry, Vikings perpetual promise of ‘no kids and no casinos’ has become more than just a point of difference — it is now a point of reassurance in this new era of global travel. When it comes to forward-thinking cruising, there really is no comparison.

While Vikings small, state-of-the-art Norwegian ships have consistently operated to the highest of health and safety standards, as the world continues to change in ways that we never could have imagined, Viking continues to develop and improve procedures to protect all those on board.

Contact Glenn at The Travellers Hut for details on 43 63 1699 or email Glenn@thetravellershut.com.au

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The Viking Way of exploration is a commitment to delivering profoundly enriching journeys that immerse you in the history and culture of each destination while fostering the creation of lifelong friendships with your fellow like-minded travellers. Importantly, The Viking Way places your wellbeing and comfort before all else, always.

Contact Glenn at The Travellers Hut – 43 63 1699 or email glenn@thetravellershut.com.au